Born  in 1923, Berdichev, Ukraine

Born in the Jewish merchant's family, Aron Bukh started to paint at the age of three. He moved to Moscow in 1937, where studied art from the famous artists Yuon and Khazanov. His work was surrounded by doubts of the official critics, and only in 1959 he was accepted in the Union of Soviet Artists. Although he was already recognized as one of the most interesting painter by the artistic circles, his first official personal exhibition was organized only in 1984. The show had huge success, establishing him as a great fine artist, and he was awarded "for the best artworks of the year". Bukh has offered officials to donate these works, free of charge, to the public institutions. The bureaucracy agreed, but did not do anything. In response Bukh burned all works... Today Aron Bukh is the Russia’s most famous living impressionist, and was recently called by the Moscow critics "Russian Van Gouge". He participated in more than 100 group and personal exhibitions in the USSR/Russia and abroad, including exhibitions in Germany, US (Santa Fe, 1998; Dallas 2002), France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, India and New Zealand. Bukh's paintings can be found in private collections in more than 22 countries.

Here are some quotes about Bukh found in the media:
-- "Front of his landscapes the observer is whirled up in a flow of bright sunny light and is conquered by the richness of all the colors of Nature. In this polyphony of dyes the expression of feeling and sensations and the usual description of real forms lose their prime meaning and melt into vibrations of light and air... The gathering of spotted patches of colors (the painter draws with his fingers without using a brush) creates a lightful and touching painting."
-- "His passion for life has made him an ageless romantic, and all his emotions are reflected in his canvases."
-- "He creates the world from chaos, integer - from disembodied dim image, symphony - from several primal assonances."
-- "Aron Bukh's works steeply mix authentic painting, heaping lemon and leaden, terra cotta and ash, ultramarine and bronze."

 (general view of the current condition).
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Still- Life with a Tureen, 1983
oil on canvas, 35x39

View from the Studio, 1983
oil on canvas, 79x35

Actress of the Circus, 1985
oil on canvas, 41x22

Still-Life, 1983
oil on cardboard, 37x29

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