Born in Kovno, Lithuania.

Graduated from Moscow Institute of Visual Arts in 1934. Studied with S.Gerasimov, A.Deineka. Participated in all major Soviet Art shows since 1934. One of the best known masters of the official Soviet Art. Gregory was highly decorated during WWII. He was entrusted to paint Stalin's and Lenin's portraits, military men, famous soviet scientists and entertainers. These portraits are on the top of the Soviet Realism Art. Gregory Gordon was a warm, kind and talented person who gained official recognition by his artistic talent, and not by intrigues, as did many of his colleagues by Socialist Realism.
His works are exhibited in the largest Russian State museums and galleries.

 (general view of the current condition)
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Still-Life with the Peppers, 1955
oil on canvas, 39X31

On the White Sea. San-Island, 1957
oil on cardboard, 31x20

Model, 1977
oil on cardboard, 29x23

Portrait of the Soldier Agafonov
1977, oil on canvas, 39x32

Field Flowers, 1977
oil on canvas, 31x24

Near the Mirror, 1978
oil on canvas, 29x22

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