Born in 1929, Vinnitsa, Ukraine
Graduated from Odessa Civil Engineering Institute in 1954.
Since 1974 participated in non-official, semi-official, and official Soviet and foreign Art shows (New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Paris, Bern, Brussels, Zurich, Vienna, Tel Aviv).

His works are in the following well known collections: Tretiakov Gallery, Pushkin Museum, Russian Museum, Phyllis Kind Gallery, Ronald Feldman Gallery, Hellen Dratt, F.Klauke collection, Norton Dodge collection, C.A.S.E. Museum, US; E.Peshler collection, Ioles Collection, Walterskirchem collection, Ostwest Gallery, Switzerland; Ludwig Collection, Germany; Kostaki Collection, Greece; Novarra Collection, Basmadjian Collection, France; and in many other collections all over the world.
Today Eduard Gorokhovsky is one of the most famous artists from Russia. 

 (general view of the current condition).
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Composition With Two Squares, 1979
oil on canvas, 26x26

Composition /Stalin/, 1989
pencil, silk stamp on paper, 20x25

Composition with sickle and hammer
, pencil, silk stamp on paper, 25x20

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