1914 - 2000

Born in Kiev, Max Birstein graduated with distinction from the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow. He traveled and worked all over Soviet Union, and also Africa. 
Max Birstein was of the most recognized and talented official Soviet artists. Here is the short list if his exhibitions during the Soviet "Iron Curtain" era: 1966 UK; 1968 France; 1969 UK; 1970 UK, Japan, Germany; 1971 Japan, Germany, West Berlin; 1972 Austria; 1973 Germany, UK; 1974 Japan /2 exhibitions/, Sweden, Austria, Venezuela, France;1975 Germany, Canada, Japan; 1982 West Berlin, 1983 France, etc. In 1995 his works were sold on Sotheby's auction.

Here is the quote from one exhibition brochure: "A subtle and exquisite painter Max Birstein treats the color with much thought and seriousness; in his ceaseless experiments he investigates its inexhaustible possibilities. Dynamic color transitions of his landscapes emphasize the nobility of "complex" painting in Iris portraits and still lifes. The striking picturesqueness which he attains by means of almost elusive confrontation or mostly varied gray, greenish, brownish and pinkish tones creates the unique spirituality and philosophic purport that are so typical or his canvases."
Here is the short anecdote told by artist Gregory Bruskin. Max Birshtein has arrived in New York. The Collector has booked him a "nu" picture. He has offered to hire the model. "Don't worry, said elderly artist, I remember everything very well".

 (general view of the current condition).
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Spring In Gijduvan, 1989, oil on canvas, 35x43

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