Born in 1952, in Moscow.
Member of the Artist's Union since 1975.

Michael Gurvich is an artist of a rare talent and professional honesty. He has a rare transparent realistic style of painting.
While many of his friends became popular on the West as representatives of the new Soviet Avant-Garde, Michael always painted "for himself" and did not betray his style. He stayed away from the commercial roads of the Soviet Art. The success, nevertheless, did not
pass him by.
Michael participated in more than 60 domestic and 13 foreign exhibits, including shows in the US, UK France, Luxemburg, Belgium, Morocco

 (general view of the current condition).
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Ring, 1984
oil on canvas, 53x59

Two Women, 1984,
on canvas, 51x53

Beach, 1987
oil on canvas, 51x51


Subway, 1988
oil on canvas, 53x59

Sleeping Woman, 1989
oil on canvas, 39x39

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