Born in 1937, Khmelnik, Ukraine.

After graduation in 1958 from Moscow Art and Graphic School, Estis was drafted to the MVD forces, which guarded the Gulag. In 1966 had his first personal exhibition.  He was recognized even in the Soviet times in spite of criticism for " absence of a positive contemporary hero" in his abstract works.  Nikolai Estis participated in more than 100 exhibitions since 1960, including numerous personal shows. His works are in the Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin Museum, museums of Yaroslavl, Perm, Orel, Petrozavodsk, Tallinn, in various galleries and private collections  in  Greece,  Italy, Poland, US, Hungary, Israel, Germany, France,  Germany, Israel, Spain, and Finland.

Critics' quotes: "In the center of his painting the representation of his internal visions and experience";  " are populated by over-lay and
mysterious natures, which there-float into a timeless dimensions"; "...forms and colors run into one another and dissolve. Subject and spirit, inorganic and organic become a crystalline whole. Estis shows a personal cosmology and obtains thereby the eternal truths of the myth and mystic";  "The voluptuous wealth of his painting touching the spectator: painting are charged with enormous energy in rhythm of the colorful combinations, in centripetal effort to possess the infinity".

 (general view of the current condition).
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Composition No. 9-86, 1986
tempera on cardboard, 31x28

Composition No. 8-86, 1986
tempera on cardboard, 28x31

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