Born in Odessa, David Rubinstein survived Jewish pogrom of 1905, during which some of his relatives were killed. In 1929 he graduated from Odessa Institute of Fine Arts. As many other talented artists of his time, he was forced to follow Socialist Realism in art. In some of his works it is a combination of strong hand of the master of the realism with the clearly visible impressionist style of painting.
D. Rubinstein was a soldier during WWII and was decorated with many medals. Stalin's repressions did not touch him, but took lives of some of his relatives and friends. Those times left heavy imprint in the soul of the 88-years old artists, who said: "Just don't write specially that I am a Jewish artist, I could be incriminated nationalism, there could be trouble."
This great and humble artist who created hundreds of paintings exhibited in numerous shows and museums in the USSR and abroad, was extremely modest in life. The only wealth he accumulated was the deep respect for his talent and personality among fellow artists. 

Works of David Rubinstein are in many Russian state museums and galleries, as well as in collections in UK, France, Germany, Italy.


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Philosophers from Bukhara, 1965
oil on canvas, 47x57

Girl In a Yellow Dress, 1972
oil on canvas, 35x28

Sofa, 1970
pastel on paper, 20x13

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