Born in 1922, Moscow.
A classic artist of the Socialist Realism, Sapiro studied with such masters of realism as Grabar, Gerasimov and Deineka. As a master of this genre, he was entrusted to paint everybody from Lenin and Stalin to Brezhnev. He did not pass up Marx and Engels. He illustrated numerous political brochures and school textbooks. His masterful works decorated many prime party offices and museums all over the USSR. Eugene Sapiro was regular enlisted soldier during WWII and was highly decorated for bravery. He was not only very talented artist, but politically correct one. For example, in 1964, when he just finished the painting "N.S. Khrushchev meets with Cosmonauts", Khrushchev was overthrown. The artist changed the figure of Khrushchev on the painting with one more cosmonaut, and the painting was called "Meeting of the Cosmonauts".
Notwithstanding all of the above, the art of Eugene Sapiro is priceless, and mysterious, as the extinguished culture of the Ancient Egypt.

 (general view of the current condition).
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Two, 1948
 oil on canvas, 11x16

Rest, 1965
oil on canvas, 18x22

Karl Marx, 1967
oil on canvas, 22x11

Spring. V.I. Lenin, 1967
oil on canvas, 23x19

Ballet, 1986
 oil on canvas, 20x24

Lying Model, 1978, oil on canvas

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