Born in Homel, Belorussia. Graduated from Leningrad Art College (Mukhin School) in 1967. Mikhail Shapiro participates in shows since 1970, including "underground" exhibits in Moscow since 1977, and overseas: 1989: Kephalonia, Greece; 1989 - Gratz, Austria, 1991, 1992: Gallery Hittite, Toronto, Canada 
His works are in private collections in Canada, US, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Denmark, Argentine, UK, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel, Argentina, etc.

 (general view of the current condition).
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Dmitry Shostakovich, 1979
tempera on canvas, 41x55

Memento Mori, 1970
tempera on canvas, 39x30

Eternal Infinity, 1988
oil on canvas, collage, 77x57

Nude No. 1, 1987
oil on canvas, 59x47

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died in Canada