Born in 1924, Moscow

Master of the Socialist Realism school of painting. From 1962 Vera Dreznina was a professor of Fine Art at the Moscow Pedagogical Institute. In 1983 she was awarded the title of the "Honored Artist of the USSR". Vera Dreznina's paintings are in the art collections of dozens museums across Russia and republics of the former Soviet Union including the famous Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow. Her works are in private collections in Austria, Russia, England, Hungary, Japan and the US.

From Soviet newspaper article (1977):
"among her models are famous workers and farmers... If we survey all Dreznina's works, we can see a convincing type of a modern Soviet man: a builder, a fighter, a creator".
Hero of the Socialist Lablour baker E.A. Ozhina got this highest Soviet prize for the cake that she baked for L. Breznev, next to which she is immortalized on the Vera Dreznina painting.

 (general view of the current condition).
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Horse Yard in Tatar Village Kozi, 1946
oil on canvas, 15x19


In Summer, 1953
oil on cardboard, 20x14

Hero of Socialist Labor E.A.Ozhina, 1971
oil on cardboard, 43x35

Motherhood, 1955
oil on cardboard, 14x20

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